Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Dr. Masta - A Skillful Physician and a Good Man

Dear Readers;
The news article below highlights another Abenaki historical figure and leader living and working in Barton, Vermont;
Dr. John Baptiste Masta as "A Skillful physician and a good man."

Today I am humbled by the fact that Dr. Masta happens to be my great-great-great-great Uncle. Another Abenaki Connection made here is Dr. John Masta's stepsister, Marie (Osunkherhine) Benedict, was the grandmother of Catherine Watso, my Dad's paternal grandmother. I thought my readers might find the article interesting. Please feel free to comment and let me know.

Also, a quote I found interesting from the article:
"To begin at the beginning, when the doctor was a leading citizen of Barton his Abenaki ancestry was no secret. It figured prominently in the Reverend Pond's funeral oration".

A skillful physician and a good man
Written by Chris Braithwaite

SharePublished on November 9, 1994

John Baptiste Masta, M.D.
Photo courtesy of Richard EbensA.A. Earle, editor of the Irasburg Independent and Standard, devoted a good deal of his issue of November 1, 1861, to the obituary of John Baptiste Masta, M.D., late of Barton.

"When men have attained to eminence in life by their individual efforts, and are beloved for the good they accomplish," Mr. Earle began, "there is a commendable desire to form an intimate acquaintance with their history - to study the motives by which they have been actuated, as well as the principles and efforts which have guided to success."

"But a few days ago and Dr. Masta was in our midst, actively engaged in going about doing good," the editor wrote. "Now he sleeps in death, and the community unites with the afflicted friends in mourning the loss of a skillful physician and a good man."

At that, the journalist turned the matter over to a professional, and printed a lengthy excerpt from the funeral sermon of the Reverend Mr. Pond of the Congregational Church of Barton.